Sunday, January 8, 2012

Squid "Scoofie"

Source: via Tricia on Pinterest

Even though I found this on What Not to Crochet my friend has been wanting a squid hat for awhile and now that I've seen this I'm really inspired to make I just need to decide if I want to just buy the pattern or just figure it out myself...I guess I could always see how my try works out and if it goes horribly I can buy it then :P The idea of making it a hood/scarf is really cool though, my first thought was to make it kind of like a hat but the way this looks seems like it makes more sense. The creator of this on Etsy calls them "scoofies" haha how cute! Buy the pattern here: Kraken of the Sea

Also on a side note I finally got a Pintrest account today! I'm so excited! I love this site and I can already see myself going on it waaay too much. But what could be better than sharing pictures of adorable crafts! There's also delicious looking pictures of food and all sorts of inspiring things! I think I will definitely have plenty of project ideas now!

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