Monday, January 2, 2012

New Project! Cable Hat

Hello followers! 

I know I am not the best about updating this blog very frequently but I have been bitten by the crochet bug as of late so I have some projects to post! This first project is a hat I made for my new husband. :D Pictured here, along with our handsome cat Charm. 

The cables on this hat were really fun! They seemed pretty complicated at first but once you understand how they work its pretty simple. It was really fun to learn how to do cables and it makes me want to go put cables on everything! The combinations of twists and turns are limitless and I image you can be very creative with how you use them! This is one technique I'm adding to my bag of tricks and I hope to use it again soon! I feel like I'm learning more and more about crochet with every project. I hope to be writing some of my own patterns soon!

I found this pattern on Ravelry here:
She has lots of very popular hat designs on her site and they are all available for free! I loved her patterns so much I also made another cable hat and her puff stitch hat for my sister-in-law and her boyfriend for Christmas gifts. (picture pending)

You can see my Ravelry Project here:

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