Tuesday, January 17, 2012

FO: Squid Hat

So my friend finally got his squid hat today! He has been wanting one for awhile! He was really psyched to see this today. I'm glad he liked it. Hes just the kind of person to wear something like this too. He likes hats so I'm glad I could add one of my creations to his collection. He works with my husband at a video game company so he'll fit right in.

I got the pattern from Etsy as mentioned in my previous post: Squid Scoofie

Although I will note that I found the pattern did not exactly turn out like in her pictures. I believe that an I sized hook was too small, and if I were to ever make another one again I would probably try something bigger. The tentacles and hood came out smaller and less "chunky" than in the picture. Even though I used the same Berroco Vintage Chunky yarn as stated in the pattern. But oh well. Also I didn't add suckers on each tentacle because I don't have that kind of patience to make lots of little round circles. Making 12 for the clubbed ends was plenty for me :P

In the end I have to say it turned out good though. And judging from his reaction upon receiving the hat I don't think he cared haha.

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