Monday, January 2, 2012

Ruffle Scarf Project

Another recent project to show off!

This is a lovely ruffled mini-scarf I made using one skein of baby light weight yarn. I really enjoyed making this scarf and it was my first project that I sort-of created myself. I couldn't have done it though without the hundreds of creative patterns available in this book:

This book was an impulse buy on amazon while I was buying Christmas presents for my family...hey you have to get at least one thing for yourself right? I'm so glad I bought it and I definitively recommend it for anyone that crochets! It has so many creative borders to use for all kinds of things, and I made this scarf specifically so I could use one of these borders and I think I picked the perfect one! The way this border increases the number of chains on each row makes for a beautiful ruffled border. The lighter weight yarn also lent well to the lacy look of it. Of course the baby soft yarn also made it cozy! This scarf can be perfect for all seasons and since I recently cut my hair short I needed it to keep my neck nice and warm. 

You can purchase this book on amazon for a great price and the border I used was #40. 

You can view my project details on Ravelry here:

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