Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WIP: Purple Cowl

I know a lot of people do WIP Wednesday posts...and I think most of my posts might end up being on Wednesday since that is knitting night for me at the local yarn shop, but I just can't hold myself to always posting on certain specific days. So we'll just try and do a WIP once a week ok? Haha.

Here's tonight's Knitting Night picture:

Its going to be a ripple type cowl. The pattern is here:

The wonderful husband surprised me with this lovely yarn yesterday. I was having kind of a down day so he bought me some yarn to cheer me up! Yarn always makes me happy. This is Lion Brand Tweed Stripes in Orchid. I love purple! At first I was going to make the scarf that's on the label, but I decided I have made too many scarves for now. This cowl from the lion brand site will suit the yarn wonderfully I think. Now if it could just stop being 68 degrees every day I might actually get to wear it this winter.


  1. Very pretty! I had never heard of that yarn before but I like the way it's striping up.

  2. Thanks! Yeah I like it too! It's really soft. I like how the two colors twist together too as well as change to make stripes.


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