Friday, February 3, 2012

In my Queue: February

Hello all! Since it's the beginning of a new month I thought it might be a good idea to write a post about what I have in my "to do" list. Every month I'll try and write a post talking about what I'm thinking about working on and what I want to try for my next project. Maybe some of you might find some of these projects interesting and inspiring too!

Recently I've been really into Cardigans!

I've never made a fitted garment in crochet before. Up until this point my projects have been shawls, scarves, hats, cowls. Mostly accessories that don't need to be sized or shaped. I thought that my next step in my crochet adventure should be making a cardigan. I think it will be a new challenge for me and I know I'll learn some great things along the way!

Here are some patterns I've been eyeing.

1. Simply Crochet: This book by Robyn Chachula has been on my wish list for quite some time now. I might have to find an excuse to buy it pretty soon. It is a wonderful collection of patterns by many talented designers. I really love her Float Cardigan and the Spa Shawl Top by Doris Chan. I really think the lacy designs of the two cardigans would be fun to do. They would help me learn some new stitch patterns, and they might actually be wearable here in Texas all year round.

2. The Dahlia Top by LilyGo. This top looks so nice and lacy but it's construction still looks very fitted and solid. I'd probably be making myself crazy crocheting my first cardigan in fingering weight yarn, but boy would it be worth it! I really just love how beautiful this top is. It sure would be a great challenge!

3. Drops Design 119-22: Waistcoat. I've always been in love with Drops designs. This cardigan seems like a good way to get started with garments. The construction seems simple enough and I'm actually intrigued by the creativity of the design. Who would have ever thought that you could crochet a circle, add a back, and then boom! You  have a cute little cardigan. Perfect for wearing over tanks or dresses.

So those are my favorites for now! Plus I've still got my Trefoil Throw to finish, and an idea for a bag that I'm making up on my own that I would like to do! So we'll see what the future holds for me in February! Looking forward to it though!

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